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Minima, our new developed smallest LED light with variable color temperature, is named after the smallest chameleon in the world called Brookesia minima. Minima is a on-camera light designed for location shooting. It offers the best combination of low weight, high light intensity and low power consumption.

The lux equivalent to a 50W tungsten. Its variable color temperatures (2800°K-6500°K) allow the user to achieve excellent color balance in all kinds of shooting environments or conditions. It is easy to carry and operate because of its compact size. With up to 144 LED light bulbs, the point light source is converted to a plane light source, adding some softness to the hard light to produce the best light quality and excellent 3D effect, and provide a large-area uniform light source (8x13 cm).

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Technical Information:
About the design of Minima, its red, white and yellow LED lights can form a continuous spectrum with full-range frequency, and the low-cost and inaccurate analog circuit is replaced by the digital signal microprocessor and 25k frequency PWM controller, therefore the color ratio of different LEDs can be adjusted accurately according to different color temperature. This is the reason that why Minima can provide precise variable color temperatures which are not just for reference only and its CRI (Color Rendering Index) can reach above 90% at any color temperature from 2800°K to 6500°K. Also, it is guaranteed that a minimum color shift occurs within the range of 3-step dimming.



Projecting Direcion


Actual Luminance

LED / 1 Watt

100 lm / Watt

One direction


100 lm / Watt

Tungsten / 1 Watt

12 lm / Watt

360° radiation


70 lm / Watt

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  • Self testing function
  • 6 Color Temperatures selection from 2800°K ~ 6500°K
  • Powered with 6 AA Battery/ 12 V-18V DC input / D tap power cable
  • Low power alarm indication
  • Color temperature memory function
  • Color temperature memory function
  • Weight: 190 grams
  • Dimension:12.5cm L.x11cm W.x 4cm H./ 4.92" L. x4.33" W. x1.58" H

> 6 Color Temperatures



Pasolite 100M

Pasolite 100M series are professional 100Watt LED, its luminance equivalent to HMI 200W/ tungsten 1000W.


  • 6 selecitng color temperature
  • RGB Function
  • DMX Control
  • Full-Spectrum
  • High CRI 90% above
  • Self testing function
  • Memory function

> Accessories

> 6 Color Temperatures


  • Use UP and DOWN button to adjust the luminance, color temperature, and DMX address you want.
  • Use MODE button to choose the items you want setting.
  • After setting color temperature, adjust the ratio of red, green, and blue color by R,G,B buttons.
  • M1-M6 for memorize desired luminance and color temperature.
  • Locking function for setting


Zoom 6 :
Single shadow, Light beam zooming, High output

  ZOOM 6 LED light creates single shadow, focusable light beam, high illumination properties.  
Fully dimming no shift in color temperature, non-flicking, low power consumption

*High illumination

*Single shadow

*Light beam focusable from 15 degree to 60 degree


  • Size: 7.33” L. x 2.65”W. x 2.65”H. (18cm L. x 6.5cmW. x 6.5cmH.)
  • Weight: 190g.
  • Power consumption: 6W
  • Power supply: Sony NP series battery / D tap cable / AC/DC cable
  • Fully dimmable from 0%~100%
  • Focus: 15 degree to 60 degree
  • Color temperature:  Daylight Standard Accessories
  • Hot shoe mounts, handheld grip
  • Four leaf barndoor ( diffuser*1, yellow gel filter*1)
  • D-tap cable

Optional Accessories:

  • handheld grip
  • AC/ DC Adapter



Minima 30



Much more illumination, portable ---High qualities Studio and location lighting
Minima 30 LED, the continuous and upgraded of Minima, convenient and rapid changing of the color temperatures, simply thumb pressed. Save time and trouble for color filter changes, benefits photographer gains more room and time to concentrate in creativity and imagination for different shooting environment and lighting demands.

Much more illumination!!!
The first model of Minima already surpassed other competing led light in the industry by its wider light beam angle and brighter illumination.
Minima 30, is continuing the excellent features of Minima, yet four times brighter illumination with only 30W power draw.


*Easy changing, just thumb pressed :
2800K/ 3200K/ 4000K/ 4800K/ 5600K/ 6500K
Easily change to desired color temperature from preset

Super high color rending:
90% above; truly represent the true color of shooting object.

* Guaranteed:
Non-color bias and non-flicking in fully dimming.

* Environmental friendly:
Low power consumption, yet high output, only draws 30W power.

*Wider light beam angle: 60 degree

*Compacted, light and handy size: Easy to be hand carry around.

*Power option:
Sony NP series battery / D tap cable.  
With NP 750 battery, produces 2.5 hours in continuous shooting.

* New designed: Three different positioned shoe mount inlets, it helps photographer changing different lighting position for desired shooting angle much more easily and conveniently.


Power consumption: 30W
Input voltage: 12V
Power supply: Sony NP series battery/ D tap cable/ AC/DC adapter
Weight: 624g
Size:  18.5 cm L x 11.5 cm W x 5.8 cm H/
      7.28”L x 4.52”W x 2.28”H

Optional Accessories:

* Metal hot shoe mount
* D tap cable
* AC/DC adapter
* Carry Bag



Zoom 350


Power: 350W

Output: 36000 lum
Focus: 15-60 degree
DMX control available

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